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Last updated on 11.12.2020

The goal for Quicklive is to speed up the time-to-live online of your images while keeping your upload workflow unchanged.

This update was necessary to urgent SEO reasons related to the Quicklive process to the benefit of all contributors.

The term "Screening" introduced below refers to the review process by editors which ist not changed over the previous workflow but made more transparent now.

This information does not apply to press photographers and does not affect their online process.

In fact, your images will be live immediately after meeting minimum Metadata requirements and in accordance with the steps outlined below. Your workflow, however, does not change as a consequence of this and you do not need to take any new or additional steps. The description of the following steps will make transparent how this works. We ask you to familiarize yourself with them carefully.

Quicklive step by step

Step 1:

Upload your image (s) as before.

a) If you use Web Upload, your pictures will be automatically accepted

b) If you use Web FTP Upload, you must, as before, then still import your images from the tab “FTP Upload” into the system, and they will then be accepted automatically.

Step 2:

IPTC information embedded in the file

If you've used IPTC information and it's complete, your image is now fully active and on sale. The traffic light on the picture in your account is green / yellow.

If the minimum requirements for metadata were not met your your image has the status "incomplete" and it can not yet be found in searches. After adding the minimum metadata (caption and at least 8 keywords) the traffic light on your image will change to green / yellow.

This status, indicates that your image is live, active and on sale, but has not passed through screening, yet. A rejection of an image or it being sent to "amend" (red / green) is still possible. After successfully completing the screening process the traffic light changes to green.

If you have model or property releases (MR / PR), then, as before, they still need to be added, otherwise the images will be displayed with the status No Model Release / No Property Release, which is detrimental to the sales potential. As soon as you have added an MR and / or a PR, the release status will be automatically updated, and after the next search index update the status "Model Release Exists / Property Release Exists" will be displayed.

If an image is to be classified as editorial, you must mark it as editorial immediately in the image processing screen as before.

No IPTC information

If you did not use IPTC information, your image will now be uploaded, but not yet on sale. It has the status "incomplete".

You can now add the metadata to your image as before. Once you have added the keywords, the caption and, if applicable, model or property releases or editorial classification, your image will automatically be searchable after the next update of the search index, and the traffic light on the image will change to "yellow/green".

For SEO reasons a minimum of metadata is required for activation, consisting of at least a caption and eight keywords.

"Green / yellow" indicates that your image is live, active and on sale, but has not yet passed screening. A rejection of the picture or it being sent to "amend" (red / green) is still possible. After successfully completing screening, the traffic light changes to green.

Please note:

All images are screened. If your Quicklive uploads exceed a 3% rejection rate, your Quicklive status may be re-evaluated.

The accuracy of the keywords is also checked on an ongoing basis using test searches. As a result of this images may also be sent back to "Amend" for correction and review (red / green). Example: The word "kangaroo" on an image of a chicken.

We strongly recommend using embedded IPTC-Information to gain the maximum benefit from Quicklive. Currently over 95% of all uploaded images have embedded IPTC-Information.

We also point out that, as before you are responsible for the accuracy of your content in relation to the legal requirements as stated in our Contributor Agreement. This also applies to the ownership of copyright and the non-infringement of third-party rights in any form.

As already mentioned, there is a new traffic light status green / yellow. This indicates that your image is live, active and on sale, but has not passed screening yet.

In the event that individual images have to be reworked at the request of the editors, they are reset to the status green / red "Amendment" and require further action on your part.

We hope that you will find the Quicklive status attractive and look forward to offering more of your images on our site soon.

If you do not wish to have this service level, please send us a short short message and will deactivate it.

Very best wishes,

Tomas Speight & Robert Walters

Panther Media GmbH
Ruedesheimer Str. 11
80686 Munich