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Commercial Royalty Free Images - what's that?

Commercial Royalty Free Images have Model Releases and clear permissions

What are royalty free images and what can I do with them? When and where do I have to provide a copyright?

Here you'll find an explanation of what commercial royalty free images, illustrations, video and 360° images are. Find out the do's and don'ts and be on the safe side with your promotional projects.

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How can I use commercial royalty free images?

When it comes to commercial uses of royalty free images the small print is critical. Be sure to check the small print to double check that commercial uses, are permitted. These are bascially all uses that are not private or editorial. Do the images have model and property releases. Do you have to get permission from the artist and the models? Especially with free uses it is essential to check these items very carefully. Including attibution requirements and and potentially back linking demands.

All royalty free images licensed under the PantherMedia standard license may be used without print run restriction, worldwide, without limits, in all media, including social media. This pertains to the right of use of the photography, For royalty free images marked "Model Release" the rights regarding the depicted persons have already been clarified and granted. Similarly, this applies for a "Property Release" related to the location in which the photograph was taken.

You may modify our commercial royalty free images as long as changes do not cause any disadvantages for the author, the model(s) shown or other third parties, eg. by violation of moral rights, reputation damage, property rights. In no case may the contents be distorted or defaced by such processing.

Our commercial royalty free content can be used in all media, like online use of any kind, social media, print use, TV, cinema, theater, videogrammes, (CD, DVD, etc.) interactive and multimedia use, etc as well as all promotional or editorial print items.

Some things to keep in mind

A commercial royalty free image's license may not be transferred to a third party. As an exception, the right to use the content may be transferred to a single third party, provided that the retransmission takes place within the context of the work on a customer's project, e.g. through an advertising agency. In the event of use in projects for different customers a new commerical royalty free license must be purchased per customer. However the image may be used as many times and in as many media as required for the same customer.

PantherMedia Commercial Royalty free Images with the standard license may not form the basis or the main component of a retail product, merchandise or template. This means uses as part of a product for resale (resale product = merchandise that is not offered for free, but offered for sale, such as, but not limited to, calendars, posters, postcards, canvases, cups, toys, stuffed animals, sporting goods, household -, bathroom and kitchen wares, clothing, illustrated books, website, e-mail or print templates, etc.). Image uses on items for advertising and promotional purposes are covered by the standard license).

For use with retail products, merchandise and templates, an extended license is available at a small additional cost.

There are some no go's

Royalty free images (and any media licensed from PantherMedia) may not be used for pornographic, sexist, defamatory, slanderous, racist, minority or religiously injurious representations.

In addition, it is not permisseable to use a royalty free image in a way that degrades the creator or model / s or if it can be assumed that the creator or the model / s (despite the existence of a so-called model release) would not agree to the use. To be clear, this applies to any pictures that present a person in a potentially sensitive or personal context, including sexual or implied sexual acts or preferences, drug abuse, addiction, crime, physical or mental abuse, suffering. The same goes for political opinions or any other situation that would legitimately be offensive to any model represented in the piece (eg dating sites, escort services, erotic offers, pornographic offers, youthful websites, political portals / advertising). For such uses, express prior written consent of the models must be obtained via PantherMedia (for a flat fee).

Beside that, inclusion in a design, trademark, logo or company brand is allowed.

Commercial Royalty Free Images in merchandise, templates and similar or cross group use

In some cases, extended licenses are necessary to augment the standard license to also cover, for example, templates or commercial products for retail.

These are:

The Group License covers the transfer of the respecitve image's license to franchisees, affiliates or any entity associated with a corporation. The group license also enables the use in all media by the recipients of press releases.

The Merchandise License supplements the standard license with the right to use images for the production and sale of articles of all kinds, including print or electronic templates.

Do I have to place a copyright notice with commercail royalty free images

The placement of a copyright notice is not required for commercial royalty free Images licensed from PantherMedia is not required with uses for advertising purposes. However, with uses for editorial purposes the copyright notice is mandatory and required in the usual manner and if technically possible on the content itself citing PantherMedia as well as the credit of the author as follows: "© of the author".

Sum up

Be safe, check the small print and use safe commercial royalty free for your advertising and promotional projects. the content

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